1,The engine uses Weichai's 6-cylinder, 220-horsepower engine, with low noise, large power reserve, more linear power, and more stable performance. It is currently the best engine on the Chinese market. Use the best gear ratio to reduce overall fuel consumption.


2,Adopting 3.5 closed side reducing bridge: the walking system is more reliable, the operation does not lose speed, and the climbing ability is stronger


3,The structure of the header is strengthened to adapt to higher-speed harvesting, and the row spacing can be customized. The ear picking layout picking mode is highly efficient and protects the integrity of the corn kernels to the greatest extent.


4,Main clutch system with 3 groups of friction plates. Ensure long-term stable operation of the main clutch.


5,Widen the wheelbase and widen the tires to adapt to high and low ridged corn fields


6,The body frame structure is strengthened, the engine sinks, the driving is more stable, and the structure is stronger.


7,5 sets of high and low roller channel peeling machines, 20 high-performance all-rubber sticks, and widened channels can ensure that the corn is perfectly peeled during high-speed harvesting.


8,Increase the fuel tank to ensure all-day work.


9,Widen the elevator to adapt to the corn conveying in high-speed harvesting.


10,Export type reduces electronic equipment, guarantees longer trouble-free time and maintenance convenience.


11,Upgrade the quality requirements of the metal characteristics of bearings and shafts.


12,Add a powerful fan to assist in removing corn husks and corn leaves.


13,The height of unloading grain is increased to 2.7 meters, and the granary is increased to 3 cubic meters: reducing the number of unloading grains and improving operation efficiency;


14,Super strong air filter system to overcome sand, dust and weeds.


15,Dual displays, cameras and driving information are displayed at the same time, ensuring work safety.


16,The new type of sealed cab is clean, noise-reducing and comfortable.


17,Power distribution is more optimized, reducing the load on belts and chains.

Corn picking harvester


Item Unit 4YZ-4S
Harvesting rows row 4
Header standard line spacing mm 580 / 550 ( 650 / 700 / 800 )
Suitable line spacing mm 500-620 ( 500-850)
Drive transmission System / Advanced Side style in-wheel locking reduction transmission system
Driving wheel track mm 1840
Steerable wheel track mm 1870
Engine Model WP6G220E330 / YCA07220-T300
  Cylinders 6
  Power (Kw/hp) 162/220
Working efficiency ha/h 0.3-1.2
Barn cubage M3 3
Unloading height mm 2700
Peeling system type   20 rollers, 5 groups of high and low channels
Peeling roller type / Full Rubber roller
Grain loss rate / ≤2%
Ear loss rete / ≤3%
The seed broken rate / ≤1%
Stubble height mm ≤100
Reliability / ≥90%
Overall dimension(L*W*H) mm 7400x2650x3500


Use case