China Agricultural Mechanization Forum was successfully held in Boao, Hainan

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  November 26, China Agricultural Mechanization Forum once again moved to Hainan Boao held, the forum won the domestic first-line brand enterprises strong support.


  Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Agricultural Machinery Institute Li Shi Long Luo Xiwen, China Agricultural Machinery Institute of China Agricultural Mechanization branch honorary chairman, director of the China Agricultural Mechanization Development Research Center of the Advisory Committee of the Chinese Agricultural University whites Park, China Agricultural Machinery line industrial development of high-dollar Well-known experts, China vice president of the Agricultural mechanization Association Ma Shiqing, deputy director of the Research Center for rural economy, Ministry of agriculture Chen Liangbiao, Ministry of agriculture, Agricultural mechanization management Division Deputy Director Li Anning, Ministry of agriculture, Agricultural Machinery testing total Zhanfuzhanzhang GUO Jian-hui, Chinese Academy of Engineering, manufacturing technology Research Professor national intelligent manufacturing standardization and consulting group deputy leader, intelligent manufacturing the Ministry of Industry and term core and home Dong Jingchen, director of the national Agricultural information Engineering technology Research Center, the national intelligent equipment Engineering technology Research Center of agriculture chief and home Zhao Chunjiang, international Agricultural aviation spraying technology laboratory director and chief scientist, South China Agricultural University professor and doctoral tutor Lan Yubin, as well as the provincial agricultural machinery management mechanism, to promote identification departments, research institutions, industry associations and other 100 Industry experts, as well as more than 350 industry mainstream business, as well as the backbone of the industry leaders and distributors of agricultural co-chairman outstanding total of more than 820 guests attended the forum.


  Xinhua News Agency, Hainan TV and other mass media and the "China Agricultural Mechanics Guide", "Agricultural Science and Technology Promotion", "China County Economic News" and "Anhui Daily" and many other industry mainstream media coverage of the activities of the report.

Moderator Professor of China Agricultural University, China Agricultural Mechanization Society Agricultural Mechanization Branch Chairman Yang Min Li

Special guest host Ma Xiqing, executive vice president of China Agricultural Mechanization Society

Special guests host Chinese agricultural industry development famous expert Gao Yuanen

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This forum focuses on the opportunities and challenges faced by China in the process of agricultural modernization and discusses the further improvement of the quality of agricultural mechanization on the basis of existing agricultural mechanization level. How to reduce the cost of agricultural mechanization, to enhance the function of agricultural mechanization for agricultural efficiency; summed up the development of agricultural mechanization short board, in order to achieve agricultural production and management of the whole process of mechanization, to achieve the main food crops and cash crops, farming and aquaculture To explore how to use agricultural equipment and agricultural technology, agronomy, networking technology and other means of integration, to achieve China's agricultural mechanization towards the "equipment as the basis, science and technology as the leading, the number of power" agricultural modernization development road. Forum by the China Agricultural University professor, China Agricultural Mechanization Society Agricultural Mechanics Branch Chairman Yang Minli presided over, and invited the executive vice president of China Agricultural Mechanization Society Ma Shiqing, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Development Expert Gao Yuen as a special guest host.

Agricultural Mechanization Development Strategy Research Famous experts, China Agricultural University,

Director of China Agricultural Mechanization Development Research Center

Agricultural Mechanization Development Strategy Research famous expert, China Agricultural University, China Agricultural Mechanization Development Research Center of the Advisory Committee White Chairman Park first welcome speech. As a veteran engaged in the agricultural industry for nearly 60 years veteran, Professor Bai pointed out: "This forum in the implementation of the 'thirteen five' planning start of the year, is of great significance.Currently, China's agricultural mechanization development has generally entered the intermediate stage China's agricultural machinery industry should focus on improving the quality and efficiency of development, with the supply side structural reform as the key to the reform of the supply side, which is based on the new development concept of 'innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing' The main line, to the whole, comprehensive, quality, efficiency, transformation and development, to the depth and breadth of march. He pointed out that the theme of this forum is closely linked to the pulse of the times, which is the hot and difficult issue in the development of agricultural mechanization. He called on the Boao Forum to issue the strong voice of Chinese agricultural workers, no matter what kind of difficulties and challenges To promote the determination of agricultural mechanization can not change, confidence can not be reduced, team work, the prospects of China's agricultural industry is bright!