1. High density of straw bales: high-density straw bales can be realized by adopting a rolling chamber composed of high-strength steel rolls formed by one-time drawing. (The density of straw bales can reach 180-260Kg/m3, which is 1.5-2 times that of ordinary round balers.)

2. Anti-clogging: The integral feeding rotor is ingeniously matched with the cutter, which can have better cutting and feeding capabilities, reduce jams, and minimize the load of the machine.

          The picker, the feeding bottom plate and the feeding cutter can all be hydraulically lifted and lowered. The picker has a maximum ground clearance of 40CM and has good passability. Once the feeding inlet is blocked, the feeding bottom plate can be released through the control of the terminal controller, and the blockage can be solved without getting off the car, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

3. Reliable quality: The chain adopts the top brand chain, and adopts the German BEKA automatic adjustable lubrication system, so that the machine can realize uninterrupted lubrication while working, reducing wear and failure.

             The drum is made of high-strength tensile steel formed at one time, and adopts an integrated design of through-shaft, which reduces the failure rate of high-load operation and has high stability.

4. Simple maintenance: The whole machine adopts American PEER maintenance-free bearings, which is stable and reliable, eliminating the time and trouble of user maintenance, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.

5. Advanced technology: Using the world's most advanced netting system, net feeding, netting, and netting can be done in one go. The netting and unloading can be completed in about 20 seconds, and the edge of the bale is wrapped in an unfolded manner to be more neat, beautiful and strong.

6. Flexible turning: The new traction beam design and the ingenious combination of the three-section drive shaft can realize large-angle turning, and the turning becomes very flexible.

7. Convenient operation: equipped with LCD terminal controller in the cab, all functions can be completed by operating buttons.

8. Convenient maintenance: high versatility with international famous brand McHale accessories.

9. Large picker: The 2.2-meter large picker adopts a double-sided cam design to ensure that the force of the related moving parts is balanced, strong and durable, and the 5-row spring teeth pick up cleaner.

10. Super powerful feeding system, equipped with heavy-duty rotors and 15/17 cutting knives, with strong shredding ability and swallowing ability. At the same time, the system is also equipped with an anti-blocking device. Once the feeding system is blocked, it can pass the terminal controller opens the feeding bottom plate to remove the blockage.

11. In pursuit of humanized design, cameras are installed in the output net unit and the grass unloading unit respectively, and the operator can monitor the entire working process of the two units through the display screen.

12. Integral gear box body, compact structure, stable transmission and strong carrying capacity.

13. Large molding room design can form a bale that weighs about 350 kg. At the same time, it fully takes into account the matching of bale specifications and loading capacity, which can reduce transportation costs.


Round Baler


Project Unit Data
Model / ML8322 ML8422
Machine length mm 4300 4300
Machine width mm 3150 3150
Machine width mm 2600 2600
total weight kg 3900 4100
Pickup width mm 2210 2210
Elastic tooth beam piece 5 5
Picker lifting method / Hydraulic control Hydraulic control
Feeding system structure / Heavy-duty spiral continuous feeding mechanism Heavy-duty spiral continuous feeding mechanism
Number of cutters piece Heavy-duty rotor with 8-15 knives Heavy-duty rotor with 9-17 knives
Cutter protection system / spring spring
Bale specifications mm φ1250*1250 φ1250*1400
Number of rollers piece 18 18
Winding method / Automatic wrapping Automatic wrapping
Net bundle width mm 1250 1400
Bale density / Hydraulic control Hydraulic control
Tyre model / 500 / 50-17 500 / 50-17
Automatic chain lubrication device /  Germany Beka Germany Beka
Hydraulic output / 2 teams 2 teams
Voltage V 12 12
Rear lighting system / Standard configuration Standard configuration
Vehicle controller / Color LCD display Color LCD display
System pressure Mpa ≤21 ≤21
Supporting power KW/HP 81/110 81/110
PTO shaft speed rpm 540 540